Cary Montrose first wanted to be an artist when she was a little girl in Ohio in the late-80s. After graduating with a BFA from The University of Michigan in 2008, she settled in Southeast Michigan, where she now lives with her wife, daughter, and a cat.

Cary Montrose is a visual artist based in Southeast Michigan.

The act of painting is an intimate dance between myself, the environment, and the materials. Physical properties reveal themselves as we go, every new choice is an experiment that unlocks deeper knowledge of their secrets, and my own, with each tryst. The process is recorded in the image—moments of doubt, elation, fear, and serendipity preserved in paint. A most honest medium, like tracks in the mud.

Abstract painting requires a relinquishment of control that was unavailable to me until recently. My daughter’s birth was the impetus for me to seek treatment for anxiety and depression. With successful treatment, I am finally able to create the work I’ve always wanted to. I don’t take a moment of the process for granted, and I’m so grateful to my community for the support I’ve received.

My practice is as environmentally sustainable and transparent as possible. I use acrylic paints exclusively, reuse wash water, and dispose of acrylic wash solids responsibly to protect groundwater. I use sustainably sourced substrates and frames. I am always striving to improve my environmental practices, and welcome feedback and suggestions.




New Media



BFA University of Michigan School of Art & Design
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kyoto Seika University
Kyoto, Japan

Ox-Bow School of Art
(2005, 2006)
Saugatuck, Michigan