11 Jan 22

Every time you are tired and push through for your art, you are doing something many are unwilling to do. As a result, you are setting yourself apart.

Don’t worry if your idea is simple. It will be harder to execute than you thought – that’s why it’s not out there already.

Every time you hit a challenge and want to move on to something more fun, and you don’t, you are growing!

It’s also important to rest when you need to, or your work won’t be good. It will be sloppy, and you’ll make mistakes. It may seem impossible to balance self-care with working hard, but you can do it if you make a sacrifice in another area.

For me, screen time is my least productive, least refreshing time, and my go-to when I don’t want to work on something else. I’m trying to be mindful of those times to make space for satisfying pursuits.

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